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Xenetech Laser & Rotary Engravers
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XLT & XLE 1325 Laser Engraving System - Specifications

Table surface area: 13" x 25" (330.2 x 635 mm) • Engraving area: 325 sq. in. • Machine Weight: 275 lbs. (124.85 kg) • Shipping Weight: 520 lbs. (236.08 kg) • Maximum Z travel: 10" (254 mm) • Ships with laser accessory kit and Xenetech Graphic Workstation Professional Engraving Software: XGW-32 and Print Driver • Dimensions: Width 41.5" (1054.1 mm), Height: 38"(965.2 mm), Depth 27" (685.8 mm)

Revolutionary touch screen control panel featuring:

  • Pause/cancel
  • Table up/down
  • Speed control
  • Power control
  • Auto-focus; choose focus location on odd shaped pieces
  • Job preview with zoom
  • Save up to four different home positions for X, Y, and Z, for use with cylindrical attachment, vector table, etc.
  • Real time job timer
  • Job queue that loads jobs and job information from any computer on the network
  • End of job signal on/off
  • Red diode pointer on/off
  • Direct import HPGL control
  • Air assist on/off
  • Exhaust blower delay exhausts gasses at the end of a job
  • Imperial and metric settings
  • Mottle settings to control laser pulsing during raster
  • Diagnostics for feedback on functionality of system components

State-of-the-Art motion system featuring:

  • Lifetime bearing warranty
  • Adjustable belt tension for the ultimate fine tuning
  • Light weight components that allow the fastest acceleration and fastest speeds in the industry
  • Double break design limit switches that are protected from moisture and dust by a silicon rubber boot

Superior bearings:

  • No lubrication required
  • Push debris off of the rail as the machine runs
  • Significant speed capabilities over recirculating ball bearings
  • Unrestricted acceleration
  • Larger contact surface than point contact recirculating bearings
  • Low friction coefficient
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Reduced mechanical vibration
  • Chemically resistant to alcohol, fuel, strong alkali, and most weak acids
  • Operating temperatures from –58° F to 194° F

Heavy duty servo motor for high speed with absolute accuracy including:

  • Faster moves and settling times
  • Superior tracking accuracy
  • Adaptive inertia matching technology for fine tuning
  • Peak power of 614 watts
  • Peak torque of 164 oz. inches

Easy change optic system including:

  • Optics substrates and coatings are rated up to 1,000 Watts
  • Color coded optic holders for different mirrors and lenses.
  • Ability to remove optics for cleaning or replacement without losing alignment
  • Quick align design for beam alignment

Interchangeable tube design including:

  • The highest quality tubes on the market
  • Ability to replace tube assembly or upgrade without having to adjust beam alignment
  • Tube assembly includes laser tube (20-100 watt), RF unit if separate, and power supply

State-of-the-Art cabinet design including:

  • Rigid monocoque design to maximize strength while minimizing weight
  • Exhaust design placement and cabinet seal for maximum air flow across engraving area
  • Key-locked access panels for easy removal
  • Removable back panel for pass through capability
  • Industrial locking casters rated at over 200 lbs each
  • High quality lid and front door concealed hinges
  • Gas strut supported lid
  • All stainless steel hardware to prevent corrosion

High Speed, continuous motion controller including:

  • AMD SC 520 microprocessor
  • 32-bit Architecture and 64-bit FPU
  • On-board LED diagnostics

Optional Accessories

  • Dual Head
  • Air Assist
  • Laser Cutting Table
  • Cylindrical Engraving Attachment

Large 13" x 25" (342 x 647 mm) engraving area with 10" (254 mm) of clearance; Honeycomb core table for strength.

User controlled Red diode pointer for proofing and positioning beam

Fires while engraving or can fire at all times

Motorized table height adjustment

Three point table mount for stability

Protection from laser beam (class IIIa laser)

End of job signal

Xenetech Graphic Workstation

Professional Engraving Software:


Xenetech 32-bit Print Driver

Ethernet capability

Rubber Stamp Mode

* Covered by US Patent No. 7,126,082. Other patents pending.

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