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Xenetech Laser & Rotary Engravers
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XL Duo Combination Laser & Diamond Drag Engraving System - Specifications

Table surface area: 12" x 18" (304.8 x 457.2 mm) • Engraving area: 216 sq. in. • Machine Weight: 135 lbs. (61.2 kg) • Shipping Weight: 201 lbs. (91.2 kg) • Maximum Z travel: 4-3/4" (120.6 mm) • Ships with laser accessory kit and Xenetech Graphic Workstation Professional Engraving Software: XGW-32 and Print Driver • Dimensions: Width 29.8" (756.92 mm), Height: 19" (482.6 mm), Depth 23.8" (604.52 mm)

Revolutionary color touch screen control panel featuring:

  • Pause/cancel
  • Table up/down
  • Speed control
  • Power control
  • Auto-focus; choose focus location on odd shaped pieces
  • Job preview in color with zoom
  • Save up to five different home positions for X, Y, and Z, for use with cylindrical attachment, vector table, etc.
  • Real time job timer
  • Job queue that loads jobs and job information from any computer on the network
  • End of job signal on/off
  • Red diode pointer on/off
  • Direct import HPGL control
  • Air assist on/off
  • Exhaust blower delay exhausts gasses at the end of a job
  • Imperial and metric settings
  • Mottle settings to control laser pulsing during raster
  • Diagnostics for feedback on functionality of system components

State-of-the-Art motion system featuring:

  • Lifetime bearing warranty
  • Light weight components that allow the fastest acceleration and fastest speeds in the industry
  • Bridge and rail assembly made from single-piece extruded aluminum to ensure smooth motion and eliminate rail alignment
  • Adjustable belt tension for the ultimate fine tuning
  • Double break design limit switches that are protected from moisture and dust by a silicon rubber boot
  • Precision screw rail-driven Y axis

Superior bearings:

  • Minimal lubrication required (Y-axis)
  • Push debris off of the rail as the machine runs
  • Significant speed capabilities over recirculating ball bearings
  • Unrestricted acceleration
  • Larger contact surface than point contact recirculating bearings
  • Low friction coefficient
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Reduced mechanical vibration
  • Chemically resistant to alcohol, fuel, strong alkali, and most weak acids
  • Operating temperatures from –58° F to 194° F

Additional Controls:

  • Ability to set z-Float values (depth controls) on laser for diamond drag engraving
  • Pause interface built in to system for switching between laser and diamond drag engraving
  • Can diamond drag into curved items using float technology
  • Set engraving type by color in the standard Engrave-By-Color dialogs in software

Easy change optic system including:

  • Optics substrates and coatings are rated up to 1,000 Watts
  • Color coded optic holders for different mirrors and lenses.
  • Ability to remove optics for cleaning or replacement without losing alignment
  • Quick align design for beam alignment

Interchangeable tube design including:

  • The highest quality tubes on the market
  • Ability to replace tube assembly or upgrade with only nominal consideration for beam alignment
  • 30 - 40 watt tubes available

State-of-the-Art cabinet design including:

  • Rigid structural design to maximize strength while minimizing weight
  • Futuristic case for light weight and full machine accessibility
  • "Laser-ON" indicator mounted to case panel
  • Exhaust design placement and cabinet seal for maximum air flow across engraving area
  • Mushroom-style power on/off
  • Adjustable-tension friction hinges on lid
  • All stainless steel hardware to prevent corrosion

High Speed, continuous motion controller


Optional Accessories

  • Air Assist
  • Laser Cutting Table
  • Cylindrical Engraving Attachment. Max Dia: 4" Max Length: 14"

Large 12" x 18" (304.8 x 457.2 mm) engraving area with 4.75" (120.6 mm) of clearance when using 2.5: focal-length optics 5.75" (146.05 mm) clearance when using 1.5" focal-length optics; Honeycomb core table for strength.

User controlled Red diode pointer for proofing and positioning beam fires while engraving or can fire at all times

Motorized table height adjustment

Four- point table mount for stability

Protection from laser beam (class IIIa laser)

End of job signal

Xenetech Graphic Workstation

Professional Engraving Software:


Xenetech 32-bit Print Driver

Ethernet communication

Rubber Stamp Mode

* Covered by US Patent No. 7,126,082. Other patents pending.

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