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Giving you the right tools to do your job is important to us. Xenetech engraving parts and accessories are made from high-quality materials, come complete with customer service and support, and are backed by our standard parts warranty.

912 Spindle Belts, Small Belts, Large Belts, Endless
Nylon Motor Belts, Westernª and Meistergramª Belts
Replacement Cables, Components and Parts
Pendant Switches, APU Cable, Table Cable, Replacement Knob, Table Interface Board, APU Board, Test Box, Gender Changer, (Inset photo) Standard Proximity Sensor, 912 Proximity Sensor, XOT ie Limit Switches, Leadscrew Nut, XOT ie Leadscrew Nut, XOT ie Tension Spring
Standard Accessory Pack Includes: Xenetech Screwdriver/Cutter Wrench, Lubricant, 1" Hex Knob, 5 Plastic Cutters, Engraving Table Tape, Replacement Belts and Hex-Key Set (Items can be purchased separately. XOT 1313 and 1625 come with Table Clamps #1 & #2.) 912 Accessory Pack
Includes: Xenetech Screwdriver/Cutter Wrench, Lubricant, Engraving Table Tape, Fuses, Wire Mount, Replacement Belt, Table Risers and Hex-Key Set (Each item can be purchased separately. Table Clamps #1 and #2 included.)
Spindle Accessories
6" Top Load 4 Bearing Spindle, 6" 4 Bearing Collet Spindle, Additional Collet, Additional Drawbar, Nosecone, Pointer Set
12" Table Top Shear (Specify Metal or Plastic)
Burnishing Accessories
11/64", 1/4" and 4 mm and 6 mm Burnishing Adapters, Diamond Drag Adapter Kit, Replacement
Diamond Tips
Cutters, Burnishers and End Mills
Call for sizes or visit us on-line for a full listing.
Replacement Spindle Motor, Motor Brushes and Motor Brush Housing Caps
Call with questions about specific motors for your machine.
Speed Vise,¨ Self-Centering Vise (patent pending),
Pen & Seal Jig, 3-Medallion Jig, Dowel Pins, T-Nuts
Holding Jigs
accommodate a wide variety of objects from jewelry pieces to watch backs.
Ring Engraving Attachment for inside/outside ring engraving for the Viper¨ JE Engraving System and GE Engraving System,  and is optional for the 1313, 1625, 2525 and 2550.
Large Class Ring Jaws - used for engraving rings equal to and wider than 10 mm. Vacuum Chip Removal System Complete Vacuum Chip Removal System, Vacuum Chip Removal Foot, Vacuum Hose Rotary Cylindrical Attachment
available on rotary models: 1313, 1625, 2525 and 2550. This attachment allows engraving on mugs, glasses and other cylindrical items. It can accommodate sizes up to 6.75" (171.5 mm) in diameter and 13.75" (349.2 mm) in length. The fixture is capable of engraving a full 360¡ around an object. Optional 3 Jaw Chuck allows the holding of smaller items like pens, PVC pipe, copper pipe, etc. from .125" (3.18 mm) diameter by 13.75" (349.2 mm) in length.





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