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About Xenetech: Timeline
1982 Developed first software with multiple
plate, grid cutout, and long plate/tall
plate capabilities*
1996 Wrote first software package
specifically for laser engravers
2003 Introduced Laser Value Series XLE 1325
Laser Engraver** with engraving speeds of 75 ips and enhanced acceleration/ deceleration, touch screen keypad and ethernet communication.
1986 Introduced first graphics-based,
mouse-driven software for engraving
and signmaking
1998 Became only manufacturer to develop
and manufacture a full line of
rotary engravers, laser engravers
and engraving software
2003 Introduced Viper Rotary Electronics** with touchscreen, hand-held keypad and record breaking 10 ips engraving speed.
1992 Updated entire customer base with Grade II Braille transcriber at no charge 2000 Surpassed industry-standard rotary
speeds by more than 300% with
Servo System Series
2004 Introduced Viper(R) JE Jewelry Engraving System specifically designed for jewelry engraving applications including inside/outside ring engraving, flat engraving and packaged with Viper(R) electronics**
1993 Introduced rst Microsoft(R) WindowsTM-
based engraving software
2000 Introduced Aurora and achieved laser engraving “century mark”
with speeds of 100 inches per second (ips)
2004 Introduced XLE & XLT 2436 large format Laser Engraver** with engraving and travel speeds up to 150 ips, including low-maintenance motion system, touchscreen keypad and ethernet communication
1993 Engineered and developed automatic surface sensing feature 2001 XGW 32 Bit Released 2005 Introduced Viper(R) GE Gift Engraving System which includes quick change inside/outside ring, flat and cylindrical engraving attachments, self centering vise, a rotary engraving spindle, recirculating bath and Viper(R) electronics**
1993 Introduced micro-stepper electronic technology for new and existing customers 2001 PCI APU Board Released
1995 Introduced the ability to hatch-fill
TrueType(R) fonts
2002 Introduced XLT 1325 Laser Engraver**
with engraving and travel speeds of 150 ips, revolutionary touch screen keypad and ethernet communication.
2005 Developed direct HPGL and CNC format output to drive Xenetech's rotary
engraving systems


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