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About Xenetech: Introduction
Guy & Kathy

If you don’t know much about Xenetech, our story began in 1986, just as the computerized engraving machine was emerging as the required tool for professional engravers. Having been in the engraving business for many years—and having written many software enhancements for engraving equipment—we believed the industry was ready for the next generation of engraving systems.

We’ve continued to grow a company that thousands of customers have come to depend on. As engravers, we understand the day-to-day demands that your internal and external customers place on you, your capability and your equipment. We also understand the need to keep your customers happy by expanding the variety of products and services you offer.

To meet your needs, we’ve built a business where innovation, customer service and overall quality are not only evident in our track record—they’re entrenched in our culture. When you buy Xenetech, you get much more than capable hardware and software. You receive a sincere commitment from everyone here—the engraver who designed your software, the technicians who assemble your hardware, the shipper who packs it for shipment, the knowledgeable distributor who trains you, and the experienced customer service professionals who assist you when you call. What you receive is a partnership—a genuine commitment to work for your success.

While sales growth, cash flow and profitability are all important to any business, including ours, what motivates us most are the notes from satisfied customers and the thanks from customers who’ve had a challenge that we’ve helped them resolve.

We want to become a part of your team, and we will continue to innovate for your success.

We hope you’ll join us.


Kathleen A. Hoffpauir, Chairperson
Guy S. Barone, Jr., President & CEO

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