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Products & Technology - Why Buy a Xenetech Laser System?

Leading Technology—Xenetech laser systems use the very latest in electronic and motion control technology to maximize the power of lasers to your business. Our Ethernet-based electronics and touch-screen keypad allow users to create a virtually limitless queue of jobs directly from the host hard drive or network. Users also have unique job preview capability from the keypad, “live” job controls over speed and power, and real-time dianognostics. Our lasers can utilize five different methods of automatic focusing to the material surface. In addition, our electronics simultaneously interpolate all four axes and combine with our dual encoder design to provide precision movement. This technology is unique to Xenetech and it sets our professional level laser systems apart.

Top Quality Components—Simply put, quality components make a quality engraving and cutting system. The last thing you need is a problem when your customer is waiting. Xenetech laser systems use quality components to create a high performance system. From our hearty servo motor, to our lifetime warranty motion system bearings, to our rigid cabinet design, to our optics rated up to 1,000 watts, to the right tube manufacturer, Xenetech systems are made to perform day in and day out in a manufacturing environment.

Maximum Productivity—Xenetech laser systems are engineered to create the maximum throughput in the least amount of time. From our easy layout XGW-32 professional engraving software or laser print driver, to our industry-leading 150 inch per second engraving and travel speeds, to our short acceleration and deceleration (reducing carriage over travel), increased productivity is second to none.

Comprehensive Support—When you purchase a Xenetech laser you purchase the commitment of a U.S. manufacturer that has a 20 year track record of taking care of customers. Our distributors, customer service representatives, and technicians are experienced at quickly helping customers succeed. We provide several layers of applications and technical support to help you expand your knowledge and your business.

Greatest Return on Investment—Saving minutes per job quickly add to hours which quickly add to days of savings. Combine productivity gains with the low cost of ownership of a Xenetech laser through our systems' durability and you will quickly conclude that Xenetech systems make sense, lots of cents.