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New Rotary Print Driver for direct output with 3rd Party Engraving Software Applications.-2017
Engrave with your Xenetech Viper System from most 3rd Party Engraving Applications using the New Updated Xenetech Print Driver.

New "Xen-Nano" Technology Increases Resolution while Reducing Operating Noise and Vibration.-November, 2013
Xenetech Global, a leading manufacturer of laser and mechanical engraving and cutting systems, has developed new firmware for its rotary engraving system Viper® controller that significantly increases stepper motor resolution with less resonance. Known as "Xen-Nano" technology, the new firmware will drive Xenetech rotary systems at its current industry leading engraving speed, but with less noise and greater output quality.

ViperII Electronics Upgrade Now Available for 912 Owners-July 17, 2011
Xenetech Global, LLC. has announced that it is now offering ViperII Electronics upgrades for rotary "912 Star" engraving machines purchased from 1996 through 2003.

Virtual Pendant is Released-February 21, 2011
Xenetech Global, LLC., has announced that it has developed software that will display its color pendant onto the engraving system's host computer screen. In addition to the display, users will have complete control of the laser or rotary engraving system job from the host computer keyboard.

Xenetech Expands Into Europe -September 1, 2010
Xenetech Global, LLC., the United States based manufacturer of laser and computerized engraving and cutting systems, announced today that the company has established distribution operations in Europe. Xenetech Europe, GmbH has been formed in Germany and Xenetech UK. Ltd. was registered in the United Kingdom.

Xenetech Begins Shipping Duo 1218 Combination Laser & Drag Desktop Engraver -February 11, 2010
Xenetech has begun shipping a desktop engraver that combines to previously disparate technologies offering more options for customers at a lower cost, increased productivity, and all in a form factor that fits on a table top.

Xenetech Introduces Viper® II Electronics -January 4, 2010
Xenetech's next generation of engraving system controllers improves upon the existing innovations of Viper® Series engravers and are now being used across the Xenetech product line..

Tilt Option Now Available For Xenetech CylindricalLAttachments -November 25, 2009
Xenetech Cylindrical attachments can now be retrofitted with hardware to allow tilting of objects which are not flat, providing more options for engraving these items on standard Xenetech XOT rotary engravers.

Advances Cutting and Automation Options Available for All XL Lasers - October 15, 2009
Customers that use Xenetech XL lasers can now take advantage of a newly available cone, air assist, and vacuum extraction table. Additionally, by using a CCD camera, XL lasers can read marks relative to the cut pattern in order to execute the precision cuts.

Color Touchscreens Now Shipping On All Viper Rotary Controllers and Are AvailableE for Older Controllers Through A RetrofitT Kit - July 1, 2009
New Color Touchscreens are available for use on all Xenetech ViperII Electronics. For customers who already own the ViperII Electronics, a color retrofit kit is available bringing all of the benefits of the new screens to all Viper users, including more responsiveness and full color preview.

Color Touchscreens Available for All XL Lasers - April 25, 2009
Xenetech has announced that it has developed and will begin including full color touch screens with all Xenetech laser systems – the new Duo laser/diamond drag desktop system as well as all XLT and XLE models. XL Lasers already in the field can be easily retrofitted to the new technology at the customer's option.

Xenetech Introduces Combination Laser & Diamond Drag Engraver - March 5, 2009
Xenetech announced today that the company has combined the laser engraving and cutting of a CO2 laser with diamond drag engraving capability of a rotary engraver into one system. Xenetech’s new “Duo” will enable engraving on a wide variety of materials including reflective metals – aluminum, brass, silver, gold, and stainless steel, plastics, wood, acrylics, leather, glass, coated metals, and more. The company believes this technology is the first of its kind in the world and has a patent pending.

Xenetech Receives Another Patent ApprovalL - November 5, 2008
Xenetech has secured another patent approval from the US Patent Office for its XLT laser engraving system. Xenetech was previously issued a patent for its auto-focus technology. The new patent approval covers the motion system, air assist, and touchscreen keypad.

Xenetech Introduces Point-And-Engrave for Laser - November 1, 2008
Xenetech has developed a way to set the desired engraving area from the laser engraving table with the new point-and-engrave feature. The boundaries of this area are communicated back to the software application which automatically re-sizes the layout on the computer.

Xenetech Provides Engraving/System Knowledge On Website - July 25, 2008
Xenetech has developed a comprehensive technical engraving/system resource for customers accessible free-of-charge on the Xenetech website. The knowledgbase provides immediate access to installation guides, FAQs, application tips, and troubleshooting resources..

Xenetech Releases VCS Features - May 14, 2008
Xenetech recently released a communication software upgrade for all ViperII Electronics and XL Laser engravers. Features include job-completion notification by email, touchscreen control, and more.

Xenetech Launches New Website - November 1, 2006
Xenetech has updated and replaced its website. The new site includes an expanded home page, improved navigation, more customer resources, and all new product pages. The site was developed under Xenetech’s direction by Tilt, LLC. an industry leading website developer.

Xenetech System Engraves Million Dollar Lure - September 1, 2006
Xenetech’s Viper GE gift engraver was chosen among several engraving systems by MacDaddy’s Fishing Lures, Inc. to engrave The Million Dollar Lure. “This was the only system we could find that could hold and engrave our lure. With Xenetech and Stuller’s (a Xenetech distributor) reputation we knew we were in good hands,” stated Mac McBurney, Co-Founder and Head Designer. “The system did an outstanding job,” continued Mac.

Golden Sales and Service and Xenetech Add Sales Represenjtatives - May 3, 2006
Xenetech’s exclusive distributor for the mid-western states, Golden Sales and Service, Inc., has added two new sales representatives, Dennis Wood and Scott Bullington. Dennis Wood will sell Xenetech engraving systems in Illinois and Winsconsin, and Scott Bullington will sell systems in North Dakota, South Dakota, and Nebraska.

Xenetech Offers Diamond Drag System The “STAR 912 Junior” - February 20, 2006
Xenetech announced today that it will offer its Star 912 system for diamond drag only applications. The system, which will be called the Star 912 Jr. will include many of the popular features of the 912 including its industry-leading 912 Viper® electronics, a touch screen pendant, professional XGW-32 engraving software, a 9” by 12” engraving area, and the customer’s choice of a t-slot table, self-centering vise, or speed vise. The Star 912 Jr. will come with a diamond adaptor and the system will be field upgradeable to a rotary engraving Star 912.

Xenetech Backs Laser Engraving Systems With A Lifetime Bearing Warranty - September 21, 2005
Xenetech has extended its bearing warranty on all of its XLT and XLE model laser engraving motion systems. The revolutionary polymer bearings, which provide high quality engraving with speeds up to 150 inches per second, are now backed by a lifetime warranty.

Xenetech IIntroduces Viper GE - Gift Engraving System - May 25 th, 2005
Xenetech has developed the Viper® GE Gift Engraving System. Xenetech’s Viper® GE was specifically designed for gift applications including large bowls, glasses, cups, mugs, rings (inside and outside), bracelets, plaques, pens, and countless other items of various shapes and sizes. The system contains Xenetech’s automatic surface sensing capability that allows for flat and curved surface engraving on metal, plastic, glass, stone, and wood surfaces.


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