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News - Articles & Press Releases - August, 2014


Xenetech Celebrates a Decade of Job Management Software


Baton Rouge, La. Xenetech has been shipping job management software with its engraving systems for over 10 years. Xenetech's job management software has evolved into what is now known as the Viper Communication Suite or VCS. VCS has continued to evolve over this time and now provides a host of features and benefits to Xenetech rotary and laser system users; including:


Job Console - This program is a graphical interface between a machine tool and the operator. Using this program, the operator can preview and execute a job in real-time. The operator can also monitor the jobs progress, pause and resume the job currently being engraved.  




Job Reporter - The engraving time and job status is recorded for every job on each individual system.  The manager can use Job Reporter to run daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly reports to check the productivity of their respective Xenetech systems.  The job run time data allows managers to accurately schedule the production of new jobs as well as calculate a return on investment.




Job Editor - This program provides a graphical view of Xenetech's JBS and LSR files as well as HPGL or CNC (shown below) that are created for engraving. The nice thing about this program is that you can view and step through your jobs without actually running them.



Machine Parameters - With the guidance from a Xenetech technician, a customer can change parameters for their system to match the needs for their job or system.  For example, heavy duty engraving applications may require decreasing the top engraving speed for the system.  This change would allow the user to set speed range lower, enabling the minimum speed from the XGW software to reach a slower speed.



Motion Mechanic - Xenetech technicians use this program to diagnose errors generated by the system's electronics.  This program also allows the technician to change and/or check parameters on the local controller.



Machine Update - This program makes updating firmware easy for the user. Firmware updates can add new features and fix problems on the customer's controller.




Xenetech develops and manufactures a full line of computerized rotary engraving systems, laser engraving systems, and professional engraving software for the recognition, sign, rubber stamp, jewelry, gift, and industrial marking industries. Established in 1986, the company is based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and maintains a global distribution network. For more information about Viper Communication Suite engraving job management software or Xenetech's family of engraving products, browse their website at or call them at 225-752-0225.

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