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Xenetech Laser Print Driver* for CorelDRAW® and More

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Main Laser Output control for controlling power speed, method of focus and plate size and material settings Main Laser Output control in Japanese

The laser print driver was developed to enable Xenetech laser system users to more efficiently utilize third party software packages. Currently, Xenetech owners use CorelDRAW® programs in conjunction with Xenetech’s XGW-32 professional engraving software. The print driver allows CorelDRAW® users to bypass XGW-32 and output directly to Xenetech laser systems.

Our laser print driver runs in Windows® XP and 2000TM. The driver has tremendous flexibility and has many exciting features including: varied output - raster only, vector only or raster/vector combination output; auto focus and focus at start; automatic raster image dithering using a choice of five different dithering methods; bottom up engraving; material settings for power, speed, and pulses per inch (PPI) can be saved with the job; four different output orientations (90 degree increments) as well as reverse engraving; plate size can be set for flat and cylindrical items; power, speed, and PPI can be set by using one of the 15 available colors; and specific color profiles used for certain jobs can also be saved to be recalled at a later date.

Xenetech systems with Ethernet capability or serial connection are able to use the driver.

*Rotary and Laser Drivers available in the following languages: English, German, Spanish, Italian, & Japanese


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