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Xenetech Rotary Driver* for Engravelab,® SignLab,® Direct HPGL™ output including CorelDRAW®

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15 colors available for setting power, speed and pulses per inch Advanced pane - controls output resolution, orientation, dither settings and network path for ethernet connection

We’ve released a rotary driver to allow licensees of Cadlink’s EngraveLab® and SignLab® products to output directly to Xenetech rotary engraving equipment. In addition, our rotary driver will accept HPGL™ plotter files created by other graphic layout programs such as CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, and CAD programs. The driver is simple to use and includes a setup menu, settings menu, and a multiple pass dialogue. In addition, the driver allows for pendant job controls - pause, forward/backward by line/character/plate when outputting directly from EngraveLab® and SignLab®. Up to two different rotary systems can be configured and controlled from one instance of our driver. Support for multiple languages is available for the package, and the driver will run in Windows® 2000, and higher.

CADlink Technology Corporation is the developer of EngraveLab®, SignLab®, and ProfileLab® software. Since 1987, CADlink Technology Corporation has been developing professional software applications used for Engraving, Signmaking, Routing and Digital Printing.
HPGL™ is the Hewlett-Packard printing language and it is a trademark of the Hewlett-Packard Corporation.


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