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Xenetech Graphic Workstation Software | Optional Features | Xenetech Laser Engraving Software | Laser Print Driver | Rotary Driver

On-line help files provide comprehensive assistance with a simple point and click Panel face layout is valuable in industrial applications Custom hatch filling for TrueType™ fonts and logos Set different engraving depths by color
Multiple-plate capability allows engraving a series of plates without individual plate set-ups and separate runs Scanned image of U.S.S. Charles Ausburne with paragraph layout feature    

Xenetech Graphic Workstation Software
Written and developed by engraving professionals — Our industry-standard engraving and signmaking software continues to exceed the expectations of professionals everywhere. We were the first to incorporate the Windows™ operating system into computer-controlled engraving, and our continuous innovation has changed the way the industry works today—and tomorrow.

The Xenetech Graphic Workstation™ was written and developed by professional engravers, and is compatible with most engravers, routers, vinyl cutters, printers and signmaking equipment. Add customer service and on-line technical support, free TrueType™ fonts, clip art and free updates for life, and it’s the only graphics and job control program you’ll ever need.

  • Works efficiently with CorelDraw!™, Sign Lab™, CASmate™, EngraveLab™ and many other leading software applications
  • Opens Meistergram® and Dahlgren® job files
  • Real-time graphics and text layout
  • Optimized output and cutting direction
  • Choice of 40 engraving fonts, including ADA fonts (90+ available)
  • Over 2,500 TrueType™ fonts
  • Cutter/tool offset
  • On-line technical support and help files
  • Instant software updates through the Internet
  • Auto Braille translation (Grade II)
  • California (Title 24) Braille
  • Multiple plate/matrix or batch processing
  • Auto serial numbering
  • Font making capability
  • Panel and automatic dial making
  • English or Imperial measurement
  • Job pricing
  • Basic 3-D engraving
  • Proportional/newspaper spacing
  • On-the-fly hatch fill for TrueType™ fonts
  • Full-featured alignment tools
  • Macro language capability
  • Spell Check feature also available at an additional charge
  • Imports over 15 file formats and exports over 8 file formats
  • Auto layout and kerning features
  • Many Microsoft® Windows™ editing features
  • Auto condensing
  • Load and use most vector format graphic files including: .WMF, .DXF, .PLT, .HGL, .EPS, and .AI
  • Single WYSIWYG work screen
  • Word wrap for auto line text entry
  • Font change on work screen
  • Vertical location of text or logo by baseline/top of line/Y-center
  • Manual font kerning (two increments)
  • Auto font kerning
  • User-adjustable inter- character spacing
  • Enter top, center or baseline position
  • Enter slant angle
  • Single keystrokes for many software functions
  • On-board system diagnostics
  • Add or subtract value to or from existing height, margins, aspect ratio or percent fills
  • Software or user-defined cutter suggestions
  • User-defined cut-out corner radius
  • Multiple layouts in multiple mode with plate offsets
  • Multiple depth/pass with increment calculator by character, line or plate
  • Software outputs to engraver, vinyl letter cutter/plotter, dot matrix or laser printer
  • Outputs to non-Xenetech laser engravers*
  • Multi-element alignment of two or more entities by top, middle bottom, left, center or right
  • Auto layout by ratios
  • Automatic "dial" generation
  • Merge jobs to combine two or more jobs into single batch or multiple plate
  • User-adjustable plate orientation (sideways left, upside down, sideways right or reverse)
  • User-adjustable ruler increments (metric or Imperial)
  • Operates in Windows 2000 and higher
  • Windows Item Selector
  • Manual and automatic columnizing features
  • Engrave by color feature to prompt cutter changes at the controller
  • Programmable Z-axis clearance by selected line or character
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Optional Features (for rotary systems)

  • Xenetech Drawing Tools
  • Engrave bitmap (b & w) without conversion
  • Xenetech has a twain interface for downloading files from a twain compliant scanner or device.
  • Bitmap resample, contrast control
  • Depth control by color capability
  • On-the-fly hatch fill for logos, etc.
  • Full range of vector drawing and editing tools including:
    straight line, arc, circle, ellipse, free hand drawing, rectangle,
    round cornered box tools, node edit, section cut and section
    join tools
  • “Explode” features allows you to break apart an existing vector/line art graphic or font character for editing
  • Cutter path sort routing to optimize speed of cutting
  • Hatch fill any closed shape and modify the hatch fill parameters
  • 8 Different Bitmap dithering effects
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Custom shouldering for rubber stamps and notary seals Shoulder setup dialog with automatic calculation of shoulder values Control every aspect of your job with the advanced features of the laser setup dialog box Laser Materials Setup Dialog allows you to store and recall tweaked settings for various materials

Xenetech Laser Engraving Software
One option for powering Xenetech lasers is our standard-setting Xenetech Graphic Workstation™ software, included with every system. Developed and continually updated with the specific requests of professional engravers in mind, this Windows™-based application truly delivers, including these outstanding laser features:

  • 32 Bit Engraving Software
  • Network compatible: send a job to any Xenetech system on the local area network
  • Vector & raster engraving in the same job
  • 4 different points of origin to coordinate with home positions set at the laser system (X left-Y top, X center-Y center, X center-Y top, X center-Y left).
  • Bottom-up engraving and color-controlled power settings dramatically reduce residue impregnation in porous or tacky materials
  • Customizable rubber stamp and auto-seal mode with auto-reverse image
  • Rubber stamp mode allows for “shouldering” tapered cuts and basic 3-D engraving
  • 256 color/greyscale output
  • Set power, speed and engraving sequence by color
  • Data output compression
  • Enhanced throughput speed
  • Variable ASCII text input is used to create multiple or batch plate layouts.
  • Multi-speed job capabilities
  • Processes multiple power simultaneously on the same raster pass. This dramatically speeds throughput.
  • Runs multiple material thickness in a single job.
    (Unit will auto-focus for various thicknesses while engraving.)
  • Refocuses material to perform multiple pass vector cutting
  • BullseyeTM autofocus placement capabilities
  • Saves all power, speed, 3-D, focus, job comments and multi-pass settings with each job to be recalled in the future
  • Xenetech software runs the laser as an engraver or a printer yielding more functionality
  • Allows the ability to enter diameter, radius and circumference values for cylindrical engraving
  • Built-in grid cutout allows for batch and multi-plate processing
  • Automatic beam focus adjustment in software for different lens focal lengths
  • Ability to laser halftones and greyscales
  • Resolution Options: 125/143/167/200/250/333/500/1000 DPI
  • Buffers/RAM: 4 MB download buffer with unlimited job queue spooled from PC
  • Unlimited power settings (0-100% by hundredths)
  • Multiple job buffer
  • Multiple feature and text merge without batch addition
  • Speed setting control from .001 to 150 IPS
  • Built in resampling and dithering features
  • Automatic round corner cut out
  • X center, Y center origin for easy cylindrical engraving
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